Three Deductions From God’s Eternality.

Eternality is a beautiful word. It makes me want to write a blog post about beautiful words. But that isn’t why I’m writing today.

My latest sermon was on some of the implications we can deduce from the fact that God is eternal and all-knowing. I wanted to share the spark notes with you because I get paid to do so (ha.. I wish).

If God is Eternal, Then… 

  1. He has loved you forever.
    • If God never had a beginning, and he has at all times known all things (that includes his love for you) then there has never been a beginning to his loving you.
  2. Nothing you do will ever surprise him.
    • You can never let him down, or disappoint him (I can hear my few reformed friends wanting to argue semantics right now). He is never ashamed of your actions. He never regrets choosing you, Christian. In fact, he is always rejoicing over you (Zephaniah 3:17)
  3. He has had forever to change his mind about you.
    • And yet… he hasn’t. If God has had all eternity to change his mind about you, and he hasn’t done so, then there is no conceivable world where he would do so. Bask in your security. None that the Father gives the Son will be cast away, ever.

I did say spark notes, so I will force myself to leave it at that.

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