Christian Peace, and Why You Should go to Church.

A Christians inner peace is never based on his ability to take all the teachings of scripture and figure it all out. Our peace always rests on the presence, power, and character of the Lord.

Christian Peace

You don’t need to “figure it all out”. You simply can’t. Our peace is stolen from us when we believe the lie that we can ever impress God. And our peace is solidified when we believe the truth that God redeemed us because of his love, not because of our worth.

God doesn’t want you to present to him a better version of yourself. I might even be bold enough to say he hates when you do that. He wants you to present the real version of yourself in humility, recognizing he is the craftsman able to mold you into what you long to be. I plead with every person going to church today, do everything in your power to be as real as you can. Confess your failures. Ask for help. Pray with other people doing the same. This is how God shapes you anew. In other words, be yourself or you will continue to just be yourself.

Because this is how you come to know the peace that passes understanding. The peace of being known by God and experiencing a portion of that through his people (presence). The peace of being close to God in prayer and hearing his voice in preaching (power) and the peace that comes from remembering and tasting his sacrifice in communion (character).

And Why You Should go to Church

This all takes place at church. We go to church because God loves us and we need constant reminder of that from the preaching and singing and communion with other Christians. And we go for the benefit of the other people there. What I mean is whatever God has gifted to us personally, to some degree we are robbing the people of church of it unless we are there. And if we experience the peace and love and joy and presence and power of God through other people at church, then it stands to reason they just might experience it through us. And we want to be part of God’s shaping them, God’s demonstrating his peace to them and God’s character being displayed to them. Not only are we called, then, to go to church to be shaped by God, but we are obligated to go to be part of the shaping of others.

That’s my theory, then. That we come to know the peace of God by experiencing and resting in his presence, power and character. And God demonstrates that to us through  the people at church – by our praying, singing, eating, preaching, laughing and everything in between. Go to church because it’s good for you. Go to church because it’s good for others. But most of all go to church because God is with us.

Go and enjoy the truth of god, respond to the power of god and fall in love with the character of god.

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