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Christians Must Understand Contingency

Contingency: occurring or existing only if certain circumstances are the case. Similar terms: dependent, conditional, subject to, controlled by, hanging on.

The Independent, unchanging, unconditional One

The Bible opens with, “in the beginning, God created..”. Throughout scripture we see the implications of this statement, that God alone created everything that is created. Nothing exists outside of what he created. And he is the one and only uncreated being. Nothing is higher than or equal to him in any of his attributes, such as power, wisdom, beauty, love, kindness, humor, grace, mercy, compassion, etc. And nothing created can continue to exist based upon its own existence. All things created continue to exist because they are actively being maintained by the uncreated One. He alone exists because he exists.

This means God alone has his being in himself. He is contingent upon nothing and no one. All of him exists in all places at all times and he is simultaneously filling every place that is a place and yet is not merely confined to what can be called a place. So he also exists outside of all places. He is entirely unique and there is no other being that can even mentally comprehend with fullness any one aspect of his being, let alone contend with him in any of these aspects (or let alone barely understand this one paragraph about him). 

The Point of This Article

But this article isn’t about God. It’s about the exact thing God isn’t. This article is about being contingent. So really, this article is about anything other than God. Specifically, then my subject will be Satan. (In my head I heard “I choose you, Satan!!!” Similar to “I choose you, Pikachu!!!”) 

Lovely Logic
  1. Everything created is contingent.
  2. Everything that exists that isn’t God himself is created. 
  3. Satan exists.
  4. Therefore Satan is created. 
  5. Therefore Satan is contingent. 

Satan is our enemy. The most powerful created angel, full of wisdom and beauty (Ezekiel 28), crafty, deceptive, etc. He hate us. His goal in life is to murder and destroy as many people as possible. To see Hell full is his only idea of Heaven. You know the drill. 

Wuts Da Point Den? 

My hope is by this time you’ve already seen the point. And then your mind has gone to numerous applications of the point. But let me plainly explain one big ol application, so if your mind is blank you won’t be left empty handed. 

Based on everything above, Satan requires more than Gods permission to act (Job 1). Something we mostly understand. He requires Gods permission to exist. Think about that. The tempter, the evil one, our enemy, is utterly contingent upon God to even exist, let alone DO anything. 

In conclusion, the devil is a thing. And, here it is (the zinnggerrrrr)….

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” – Romans 8:28

Truly, even the devil is God’s devil. The end. 

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