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Who, What, Where is Your God?

Name Your God

Everyone has a God, if by God it is simply meant “supreme value driving life’s decisions.” What drives you? What do you delight in above all else? What would you refuse to sacrifice? What would you die for?

Is it Self? Entertainment? Food? Family? Work? Approval? Fortune? Enlightenment? Friends? Cars? Toys? Sex? Sexual expression? Freedom? Country? Exercise? Health? Rejection? Depression? Buddha? Allah? Your family’s God? The list is necessarily infinite.

There are some who say “I have no God’. But to say this is only to expose your God of choice is actually ignorance, naivety, or perhaps sloth? Too lazy, ignorant, or naive to put in the work of self-assessment and worldview formation? To say it another way, if you have no worldview, your worldview is actually “worldviews don’t matter” and that is a self-defeating premise that bathes in a sea of futility.

We All Worship

Man is a worshiping creature, and this truth is revealed in every corner of the earth during every age of humanity. From the most civilized to the lowest barbarian, worship is always present.

If you do not know your God, you do not know yourself. If you do not know yourself, how are you going about ordering your life? The answer must be “thoughtlessly”, and why would one want to live that life? Its sure end is unfulfilling and wasteful.

A New Thought?

Perhaps you’ve never taken time to reflect on this essential truth of what it means to be human. I humbly submit that you should. Who is your God? Why? How? There are many choices of Gods out there. Some of which you’ve never heard of. Some of which you’ve heard lies about and have formed opinions on. Some of which you outright hate. Some of which are much closer to your heart than you realized.

Investigate the End

All Gods make claims for themselves, but how do they pan out? The God of Facebook promises to connect to you to the world, but the world is lonelier than ever. The Roman Catholic Church promises to reduce your time in purgatory if you follow the Pope on Twitter, and…. well I shouldn’t even comment on that one. Money promises an easy, pain-free life, but the rich tell a different story. Sex promises the deepest fulfillment, but we all know ten minutes go by and we are ready for more.

Final Point

You have a God. Are you satisfied? Truly? If not, why do you think that is? Perhaps your God isn’t the right God? Perhaps. So what should you do?

That, detective, is the right question.


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