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Christian Suicide, Tension, and Verdict

Much has been said about suicide. Every culture has its own beliefs, filling every nook and cranny and ranging from honorable to dishonorable. The culture (or sub-culture) I’m most concerned with today is the Christian culture. Update: This is the part where I tell you I’ve wrote quite a lengthy article but have decided to… Continue reading Christian Suicide, Tension, and Verdict


A Few Thoughts on Depression, Suicide and Support.

This is an infinitely complex subject with so many variables and so much nuance that in order to write anything about it, I need to keep my focus incredibly narrow. This means I will inevitably gloss over vast amounts of detail. Keeping that in mind, what I want to focus on today is the nature… Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Depression, Suicide and Support.


The Siege of a Saint. Morning’s Madness.

Wrist vibrates. Fitbit's telling me to wake up.  Silenced. “Abandoned. Abusive. Alone. Arrogant. Annoying. Bastard. Boring. Burden. Exhausted. Failure. Fake. Forgotten. Hurtful. Hypocrite. Meaningless. Rejected. Stupid. Trapped. Ugly. Waste. Weak. Worthless." I did not invite this. An invasion has taken place upon my mind. Before I smell the morning brew I can taste the familiar bitterness of… Continue reading The Siege of a Saint. Morning’s Madness.